sunnuntai 2. huhtikuuta 2017

Myth of solo cinema

 Somebody you know goes alone to the movies on a Saturday night. Do you feel sad for the person for going all alone (sing: All by my seeelfff) OR do you respect this person for not being afraid of being alone? (this time I sing: I want to be all by my self).

I have always been an independent self-starter. I am not afraid of doing activities alone, it does not mean that I am alone. After all, I am alone in Lisbon. And guess what, it is marvelous.

It is odd to see how people react when someone is doing something alone. As this myth of going alone to the movies. GOD. When I told people I am going alone to the movies, I am met with the response ”That’s so courageous” or ”I wouldn´t be able” or ”I always wanted to, but do not have the guts.” And then people tend to think that the solo cinema rider is sad for being alone… Not true.
I actually have a greater experience when I see the movie alone, I actually focus…for once more on the movie than the popcorn…

From my perspective, going alone to the movies does prove a grade of maturity of not needing someone all the time. It is ok to be alone, as it is ok to go with friends or boyfriend. We do not need someone to hold our hand when we go to the bathroom either? (Correction, I have one friend who is an exception...) Nobody looks at you in a funny way for going alone to the movies. Nobody notices, nobody cares. If you care (do I look pathetic?), then someone cares and that´s you.

There are things in my ”bucket list” that I always wanted to do, but with age people have their own lives and therefore, I cannot expect to have companions in all that I do. (Note to the reader: isn´t it more pathetic to stay home alone and bored because you cannot do something alone?)

Being capable of doing things alone could be one of our Nordic features? I have so many friends who travel solo, and tell their experiences to be life changing. So why not. I am going to solo travel this fall, and I am expecting it to be the vacay trip to heaven on earth of my l-i-f-e.

sunnuntai 26. maaliskuuta 2017

What we miss the most when living abroad

The other day I asked myself a question. What do I miss the most from Finland? The first thought I had in mind was insane. On the top of my materialistic mind was dry shampoo. I sincerely asked myself whether I am going crazy or am I plainly materialistic. Dry shampoo? It’s not even a Finnish product, but Pirkka Dry shampoo is the thing I had in mind. Actually the Pirkka (white labeled) product is produced in Estonia. So there it is.

Digging deeper into the depths of the mind, I found some things interesting. If I really focus, I can smell the grass of Summer and hear the wind blow through the bed of reeds at my summer cottage. I can even hear the specific birds. I miss the Finnish Summer, I miss my summer cottage which is the greenest of places with its own private beach.  

 What else do I miss? Next thing in mind was the chewy and warm, oven fresh rye bread made by Kanniston Leipomo or ohra rieska (barley flatbread) perhaps?

As Finnish family bonds tend to be less close (not like Southern Europe), I do not miss to be close to my family. I do not need my friends less then 10km away and I do not miss Finland in itself. This plainly means that I am not ready to return to Finland. The things that I miss are material and experiences, which I have when I return for a visit. I load my batteries full of the things I like about Finland, and then return back to Portugal.

As last, I would like to point out that, I do not miss Portugal when I am away. And Portugal is not the place I will stay for the rest of my life. Perhaps I have a nomadic spirit. Many Finns live their lives abroad, switching countries every now and then. Why do we do this?

What is the thing you miss the most?

tiistai 28. helmikuuta 2017

How to Sauna – in Portugal

As Portugal is in carnival mood, I decided to seize the day and go to the gym. After a complete and well done workout I headed to the sauna.

As we Finns like to think – the sauna is a place where you sweat out the stress and anxiety of life. All the toxins of your body drip to the floor in the shape of small pearls. You experience a profound relaxation and leave with a peaceful mind.

But not in Portugal...

I have commented about this before, you can find my former observations in the blogpost GymtasticPortugal

How to sauna Portuguese style;

1.     The sauna is part of your workout. Abs in the sauna is a must. You go in, lie down on the highest bench and start to do crunches. The heat helps you burn more calories and you get fit faster. Anyone remembers sauna belt? Same idea. You sweat – a lot – and look slimmer until you drink a glass of water and wadabam. It’s back. Not common knowledge here…

2.     Sauna = tumble dryer. Of course you need to dry up your sweaty clothes after the workout. So why not put the sweaty underpants on the sauna bricks? They dry up faster. The smell is a minus, but who would care? Btw, the stove is a Harvia and I would just have loved to throw water on the stones…

3.     If you do not have flip-flops, use shoes. So somebody decided to wear tennis shoes to the sauna… the same genius wore also socks. The sensation of slimy toes is probably superb.

4.     After working out, it’s nice to have a post workout meal – in the sauna.

5.     If you do not have swimming pants or towel, go naked. Not disturbing at all. We Finns like to be nude, but in Portugal? Nope. I did not want to see what I witnessed.

6.     Push-ups. Someone once told me that the best workout is when you feel your head is going to explode, so why not do it in the sauna and occupy sitting space of other people. The warmer, the better, aim for the highest bench to have the optimal heat.

7.     If you are sick, have a cold or fever the sauna is the cure. (NOT?!?! You crazy people).  

8.     Throw a bucket full of water on the stones and sit on the floor. Makes sense. Not to me since I was sitting on the highest bench.

Picture from the internet... can't wait for Summer, sauna and sausage at the cabin. Relaxation. Until then, deal with crazy rituals in Portugal...