maanantai 3. lokakuuta 2016

Jag tycker että me could jantar fora on miercoles noite?

When I see the word "polyglot" I instantly think of the green monster in Monsters Inc. Sounds like a small monster, a language monster. Maybe I am.

There are several good and several bad things of being a multilingual person. I did not choose to become one, it happened to me and I decided to feed it once I was at it.

You are not born with a knowledge of Swahili, nor do you learn Chinese in a week. To learn languages takes time and effort. You want to learn a new foreign language? Put ur butt into it. A language does not jump into one persons mouth. You will stumble and you will fall, but then you learn. When you think you do not learn anything, that is actually when you learn the most. 

When you get strong on one language (thus, repeated exposure), you will get weaker on another. Ironically, my mother tongue is Swedish. I am honestly the worst Finnish-Swedish person. I still wonder how fox (räv/rev) is written. I am also dyslexic, but ONLY in Swedish. Ironic, huh?
If I speak a lot of Portuguese, I forget Spanish. When I get the Spanish engine on (30 min later) the Portuguese is non-existent. And then I speak every third word in English in-between sentences.

Thinking happens in every language. Sometimes my mind wonders in English, sometimes in Swedish (usually when I argue with one family member). Sometimes I have no control of mind and mouth and say something like; Jag tycker että pode-se fazer un articulo in the intranet? That was five languages compressed in one sentence.

I share some of my embarrassing moments with you accompanied with a silly picture: 
1. Sopa de polla - Penis soup (I thought of ordering female chicken for a change..except that female chickens are a standard and you should not replace o with a).
2. Queijo de cabrón - Asshole cheese.. (Its cabra alright..)
3. Quatro patas - something extremely sexual (I tried to say hands and knees on the floor)
4. Vinho de burbulhas - Pimple wine (All good, but I mixed Portuguese and Spanish)

Jack of all trades? I know many and I know nothing. Meddling and hustling. I am not perfect in any language. However, I do not get embarrassed anymore. Not even of --> picture.

Best way of learning is trying and failing and then trying again. Be in the core of the language. Move to the country or spend time there. Btw the languages; Finnish, Swedish, English, Spanish and Portuguese. I should learn German next to be out of the box..

Nyt on dags mennä to sleep.

Boa noite