sunnuntai 30. lokakuuta 2016

What is your favorite word?

It sounds nerdy, but being a polyglot has thought me that there are some very nice words out there.
Some people like accents, others like words and others like the way someone talks. The way we express our selves verbally is actually pretty interesting. 

I have never been the accent person, I am not fond of accents that sound foreign to my ear. I only think Russian is not pretty and German sounds horrible. However, when you start to learn the language and the meaning of it, a world opens up. Honestly. German eww.. now when I have been exposed to German by Germans on a constant basis, I actually think they have some nice words. The accent is still horrible. 

But what am I to say that some language sounds horrible? People laugh at me when I speak Finnish. Apparently the Finns sound like the Minions from Despicable Me. That is horrible news for the Finns who are very masculine, strong and proud. Sisu perkele. We sound like peeping idiots. Touché. 

I have one favorite word in several languages. Its actually an animal. Libélula (Spanish), Libelinha (Portuguese) Trollslända (Swedish), Dragonfly (English) and Sudenkorento (Finnish). In Finnish its actually not so attractive, though when thinking of it I don't know too many beautiful Finnish words. In Latin its known as Libellula. All so cute. I love the way the word plays in the mouth when it is spoken.

I might sound Cockcoo crazy. Thats what Sunday does to you.

What is your favorite word?