sunnuntai 2. huhtikuuta 2017

Myth of solo cinema

 Somebody you know goes alone to the movies on a Saturday night. Do you feel sad for the person for going all alone (sing: All by my seeelfff) OR do you respect this person for not being afraid of being alone? (this time I sing: I want to be all by my self).

I have always been an independent self-starter. I am not afraid of doing activities alone, it does not mean that I am alone. After all, I am alone in Lisbon. And guess what, it is marvelous.

It is odd to see how people react when someone is doing something alone. As this myth of going alone to the movies. GOD. When I told people I am going alone to the movies, I am met with the response ”That’s so courageous” or ”I wouldn´t be able” or ”I always wanted to, but do not have the guts.” And then people tend to think that the solo cinema rider is sad for being alone… Not true.
I actually have a greater experience when I see the movie alone, I actually focus…for once more on the movie than the popcorn…

From my perspective, going alone to the movies does prove a grade of maturity of not needing someone all the time. It is ok to be alone, as it is ok to go with friends or boyfriend. We do not need someone to hold our hand when we go to the bathroom either? (Correction, I have one friend who is an exception...) Nobody looks at you in a funny way for going alone to the movies. Nobody notices, nobody cares. If you care (do I look pathetic?), then someone cares and that´s you.

There are things in my ”bucket list” that I always wanted to do, but with age people have their own lives and therefore, I cannot expect to have companions in all that I do. (Note to the reader: isn´t it more pathetic to stay home alone and bored because you cannot do something alone?)

Being capable of doing things alone could be one of our Nordic features? I have so many friends who travel solo, and tell their experiences to be life changing. So why not. I am going to solo travel this fall, and I am expecting it to be the vacay trip to heaven on earth of my l-i-f-e.