keskiviikko 28. syyskuuta 2016

To be a young employee

A pineapple, literally what I feel like atm. I said I will not say anything about work. I lied. I am still in the mode of “smile and wave”, but inside I feel like a palhaço (clown). I am not going to lash out, but just tell you how it is hard to be dancing on roses for anyone who is considered “young” in Portugal.

After many years of taking in all kinds of comments and doings of co-employees, I consider it sufficient. I have reached a limit. And I, on the other hand will never treat anyone badly because they are younger or unexperienced. The thing is, we learn from each other. At work we are in the same boat. And you are only sinking like the Titanic if you treat people badly.
I have worked in Spain, Finland and Portugal, thus I feel entitled to open my mouth.
A light overview of what it is to be like to work in Portugal for a young adult. People who are older (as of age) than you think it is obvious that they are smarter, better and more important. This is a normal assumption, young adults entering work life or having worked only for a handful of years think it is the right of older employees to treat them as if they were somehow non-professional, unexperienced and not able to form a good opinion. Not in my case, Thank God, but for other sisters and brothers in business.
I have a friend working as a consultant, she´s about thirty years old. And guess what, her everyday struggle is to make people believe in her as a professional. She is too young.
I have been told by others that unfortunately in Portugal age is an important thing. And if there is someone younger who wishes to climb up the ladder he/she will be torn down by older employees. But that is just insane!? Will the older employee lose something because another colleague is good at what he/she does?
Also, it is noted that during your first five years of employment you are at work from morning till someone throws you out. It is because you need to be seen as a hard worker. So the amount of hours an employee spends at work is actually considered a measure for success. People say that even though they would not have ANYTHING to do, they sit in front of their computers tapping air like they had something to do? Again, that is insane!? Should we change mentality to; do your work the best you can and go home. A good way to avoid burnout and de-socialization btw.
As of myself, my work fulfills me for the time being. However, in my everyday life I face the reality of a young employee. Sometimes the bad behavior gets to me, sometimes I imagine the people actually missing the point when they are trying to make themselves important. Their loss.
On the brightside, I have the most wonderful colleagues who are super exited about all new and fresh. And they have adopted me. I like them so much I might as well go hug them right now.