lauantai 17. syyskuuta 2016

Sweet Student Life Lisbon

I got you there, didn't I? Most universities will eat your soul.

I read somewhere (read: Marketeer) and I am not sure if I remember correctly (read: I lost the magazine) that Portugal invites about 10 000 exchange students this fall. Or invited already, since I am late to talk about this subject...

However, I said I do not write about my studies. But I write an informative text about Sweet Student Life Lisbon. I am inspired. Because I am sitting on my numb butt in the study room of my University, on a Saturday. Life is better now, after the first year. Thus, the story comes from what I have learned from co-students in various Universities.

When applying to Lisbon, you are informed about the sunny weather (last year it rained 2/3 of 9 months), the surfing (honestly, if you do not have patience to learn its not for you and you won't have time anyways), the parties (you are studying when you are supposed to be partying), school is nice (hahahhaa) and life is awesome in vintage houses (they are cold, moldy and leak). I have a sarcastic tone of voice. Since Lisbon was our (mine and everybody I knew) prison during the first year of studies.

But then life begun when summer came and Lisbon had an other vibe. It is a beautiful city with 1000000000 +3 things to do. You just need time to discover it yourself. And that happens when your nose is not in the books.

But what happened before? Studying = life. A whole weekend off? Nope. You have Skype meetings with team mates, read at the speed of light material for upcoming exams and write a PPT presentation with your toes. Time table: 8am-2am.
Then there is the vertical rain. But that is ok, because you are inside studying. But your house was constructed in the 1900th Century so your roof is leaking like a shower hose. The landlord(s) does not care as long as you pay your rent, and you have black mold. Which btw, destroys your clothes and causes severe allergic reactions.
Then you want to go out, but you cant. Since you are at school till 2am, because you need to deliver a bunch of papers. School is hard. How unfortunate that a day is only 24 hours long.

From my personal experiences, I was told I am not allowed to work during studies because I will not have time. I am a multitasker and wondered what this lady is babbling about, until school started. Farewell life.

I am giving you a sweet peace of advice. Prepare yourself mentally to study when you are in Lisbon. The study culture might be the complete opposite from what you expected or what you were used to.
Eventually you will come out as a winner: master of stress handling, master of multitasking, master of free-riding school projects, master in having no life, master in drinking coffee machine pingado... MSc in Science is what you have on the final diploma.

Please let my diploma fly (not out from the window) in future job opportunities. I am a soldier.

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