torstai 15. syyskuuta 2016

O importante é chegar a horas

Its important to arrive on time
I was taught in school that “the English like to queue”. Man, you should see the Portuguese buss queue. People stand in line like tin soldiers. Each one has got approximately ½ -meter distance and the line is 200 m long! “Hajurako”, you know. We Finns like to keep our distance aka. do not come too close or we´ll dislike you. Much. So I am happy with the bus queue tradition. Especially in the morning.

School started this week. And the Portuguese transportation system has not impressed me.
(Read: I would like to kick the bus, the driver, or someone on the arse) Although, the public transportation has got very impressive advertisements hung around Lisbon with the motto: "O importante é chegar a horas" – It´s important to arrive in time, they fail to keep their promise.

The concern is articulated by a short (almost hobbit) blonde Finnish girl who is very precise with time. And when she has to walk in high heels on cobblestone road 2 km to the second bus stop she is not very happy... Nor are her blistered toes. Poor babies…
Bus number 723 is THE place to be at 7am, according to retired avós of my neighborhood. (Avó - grandma/-pa and its the same word). Every morning, same faces, nobody going to work (except me), socializing about this and that. They are too impatient to sit so they fly around the buss, mingling like crazy. YOLO. If you die, you wont die young.

Every morning for the past two weeks the bus has arrived on different times, leaving some times undone. Once I RAN to the bus stop, with my lunchbox and bag and clothes halfway on… and found the bus driver (who was supposed to leave on the very moment: NOW) sitting casually in the cafeteria close by, sipping an espresso.
I told a colleague that I am going to call the transportation company and complain. She laughed at me like it was the funnies thing I have said. Ever. 

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