sunnuntai 11. syyskuuta 2016

Brunch Electronik in the park

Sunday went by trying out a recipe from Fitmencook, writing thesis (not true at all.. the wall becomes extremely interesting when its time for studying) and stomping to really good deep house with some cool peeps..

Sunday was a fun day

Clumsy as I am, I fell in the stairs some days ago and hurt my ankle. It literally looked like I had an egg underneath the skin.. and then I had to be representative at work.. which I did, minus the part that I was wearing a compression sock with a dress. "Finnish fashion" -I told everyone. 

Tomorrow I am going on a contemporary class. I am either going to look like a wounded scarecrow or something similar to a-OK. Time and ankle shows. 

Back to Sunday. (Fun day!) Brunch Electronik is the coolest Sunday event I have experienced so far! It's at the Agricultural University in the middle of nowhere, but in the city centre. The ground at the event had hay for horses and there was powdered sand in the air. The atmosphere was chilled and the music was oh so deeeeeeep, umptsumptsumpts. 

I had a wine, which after I had to pee. Logically. So I skipped happily downhill to the outhouse thingy you have at festivals. All good so far. Fancy lady, as I am, I managed to be clean in a dirty environment until my hand touched wet PEEEEEEEE. Eeeeewwwwww. No disinfecting gel around, nothing!? I walked with my hand stretched out like I had the  plague until I met a kind spirit who understood my concern and gave me some clean wipes. That hand was obviously not going to be anywhere near my face again for the rest of the night. Pee-hand. 

Back to the group of cool UG (under ground) peeps. All of them German, which of half I have not met before. Well, my name is technically German. So everybody naturally thinks I am German. And speak German to me and around me, if in a circle. Because I seem German. Tactic: smile and wave, smile and wave. 

That's it for now. Pee-hand is thoroughly disinfected and belly is full of extremely good chicken-quinoa. 

Obrigada e boa noite! 

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