sunnuntai 4. syyskuuta 2016

Life of a sloth

My weekend has passed by in a blink of an eye. I am still as tired as FriYEY when I came home from work.. ahhh had a cold beer on the balcony enjoying the fresh evening air, and well... then I passed out. Of sleep, not alcohol, duh.

I do not want to wake up tomorrow at 6am. Nope, not ready to be an adult again after pretending to be a sloth all weekend. Chillen' around, drinking some Somersby and enjoying explicit company over an organic pizza and miradouro.. A miradouro is a view point. We have several in Lisbon, and they are just lovely.

The blonde is back. This weekend I managed to download 4 apps, all paid. Not learning from my previous mistake, I repeated it (as said before: blonde).. I think it is misleading though that Appstore does not show prices on products when you are using your mobile.. Then I think its free, and oh well.. you know the rest. So I downloaded: 1.Fit Men Cook 2.Deliciously Ella 3.Omvana 4.Moldiv

1. FitMenCook: My nutritionist (yes, I have one) told me its good for nutritious food. My IBS cuts back what I can eat, so I am trying to learn new combos. And also force mister SwagN to try to eat something else than caveman food every day. He is not happy about my attempt. Meat is the salad of the man. 

2.Deliciously Ella: She makes lovely food. Again, the IBS. I can't eat gluten or lactose, nor many other random things. If you want to learn to make carrot soup in a new way, check her out. Myself, cooked Pea, Broccoli and Almond soup. Ok, it looks like a witches poison, but anyway.. u got the idea.

3.omvana: I am a nervous person. That is also related to my IBS condition. Stress makes me overreact... So I downloaded a meditation app. I tried to meditate. But I ended up screaming with laughter when I was thinking of what I look like. Bit hungover, sitting crosslegged on the living room rug, swaying, hair like Einstein and my green soup splashed over my shirt.. trying to fokus.. a sight for sore eyes.

4. Moldiv: !? I wanted to edit a picture and Jesus Christ, I had to pay for it too... -.-

PS. I linked some apps, so that you are not falling for the same blonde trap as I did.

Here's a picture from the weekend though, life of a sloth

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