tiistai 30. elokuuta 2016

O melhor café

I know I am stepping on some Portuguese toes by claiming that the best coffee Lisbon has to offer is not a 'bica' nor is it from Delta.

This morning = dooms day. At 10am I had a meeting at ISCTE (Universidad de Lisboa) with my supervisor. I say it once, and I say it now. I will NEVER EVER study again. Its not my thing. I just want the diploma.

Nevertheless, life did not end afterwards, and my writing was so far OK.! OMG. I am surprised.
The rest of my day was free as of: freedom-do what you want-express yourself-YOLO.

So I drew in my coloring book. Had a mental breakdown of colors I mixed and got confused, cried even.. After my breakdown I felt calm. Pffiu.. lost my temper to a coloring book. No wonder people say drawing makes you calm...

Then I figured I need coffee. There is only one place to be when you need THE coffee. That is Fabrica. Foreign owned, I think Russian, serves the BEST coffee in town, and they have nice service. Check out this place, location is Avenida de Liberdade, hidden on a back street. Google this one.

I am sorry, my Portuguese friends, who claim Portuguese coffee to be the 'one and only'. Like the Italians do for espresso, Spanish for cortado etc.. Finnish people drink most coffee in the world. PANNUKAHVI! Thats the lamest thing ever..

Coffee know-how for Portugal

Bica - Bebe isto com acucar. (Sorry, don't have the PT letters.) Its an espresso alright, and the name is an acronym of 'drink this with sugar'. It gives you the instructions and all. Im no espresso person, so I comment no more.
Galao - also known by the outside world as "latte". Not a real latte.. but milk with coffee.. You know, what Finns drink most of the time. Only that its made on an espresso base.

There it was, Portuguese coffee culture. Btw, Delta is a Portuguese coffee brand, and their coffee is good.


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