perjantai 26. elokuuta 2016

Um Chapeu

For them who did not know, Lisbon is full of small antique hat shops. 

Ever since last fall I was wondering whether to buy one. So today, in a 35 C heat I decided to buy a hat. YES! For winter. Call me crazy, and I am. I took mister SwagN by the arm and dragged him to Rossio Square to an old vintage hat shop. I tried three hats, mister SwagN tried 20. I bought one, he bought none. Mine is a dark green and thick, which is good for the rainy weather.
I am prepared for you, vertical rain... I am prepared. 

While I was trying to make mister SwagN buy one, the sales person told me that "The hat chooses its owner"... I had an odd feeling I've heard this one before. I KNOW. Harry Potter "The wand chooses its owner mister Potter" -hehe for that. Moreover, I don't wonder J.K. Rowling was so inspired by Portugal. More about that later. 

Some traveling tips for Lisbon: Rossio Square is the old meeting point for Africans, Angolans mostly. Most of the immigrants in Portugal are from Angola due to the old colonies. On this square you can also drink Ginja. Its a cherry liqueur. Some love it, some hate it. Try it! It tastes like christmas. 

The Angolan culture is alive in Lisbon. My favorite underground culture (if I may) is the dance culture of the Angolan youth. My newest invasion is Kuduro. And I love it. Portugal is probably the only place in Europe you can find this marvelous dance. Its so fast your legs get tangled up, its cool, its swag and its young. I recommend. 

Até já (See you later)