sunnuntai 28. elokuuta 2016


The beach city of the wealthy (and tourists).

This weekend we celebrated my birthday in Cascais. Mister SwagN had booked a hotel night at a four star hotel to celebrate ME! We enjoyed our day at the hotel pool (no sand, thank lord). Would you believe that a Finn is bored of sand and beach and sun? Well not the sun, except the fact that you are sweating like a pig most of the day.

Most weekends this Summer I've been on the beach. Estoril beach to be precise. Its nice, packed. You are lucky if you are not partly under someones shade or touching someones beach towel. And then the sunscreen. Oh lord, all the sand sticks to your body, and you end up feeling like a stranded whale covered in sand and sweating on top of that.. Not this time, nope, not this time.

At night we had dinner at a local (not tourist) petiscos restaurant, Páteo de petiscos. Yummy,yummy in my tummy. Choco frito, carne maturada and atúm (cuttle fish, aged meat and tuna). Later we took a swing at the Cascais city centre, which was packed since the Cascais music festivals grande finale. It was fun, music and hot chocolate (due to cold wind), ahh life. I even managed to show my behind to half of the tourists on Cascais busiest street. And that was due to the wind, of course. My pretty little white dress above my ears and yes, my sun burned butt. Lovely.

Cascais is situated about 20km outside of Lisbon. The coastline to Cascais is full of beaches, which are packed during the Summer months. The fisher town is also known for its wealthy population. Not much to say; visit during the day, eat good fresh fish (not bacalao!! its from Norway.. or Iceland) and enjoy the nightlife which is more quiet then in Lisbon. Good for families and a romantic get away.

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