perjantai 26. elokuuta 2016

Quem Sou?

Who am I?
The answer is longer than there are words. And what the heck is Mirtilo Finlandês? Well its a Finnish Blueberry... Howerer, I am a multiple personality-person. My background is colorful, not that I have made the craziest rave in my past. I am pretty normal, weird, almost dull. Like for all of us, the life of my past has made me who I am today. Which is reflected in my writing. 
Me: Heidi, 26 years old, blonde with blonde highlights, sporty (sometimes till obsession), working (loving it), and writing thesis (not so much). Best part. I live in Lisbon, yes, capital of Portugal. More, I speak five languages. Here goes the jargon: I was born bilingual (Finnish and Swedish). I learned English from an American kid when I was a teen. In my early twenties I moved to Spain for erasmus. Surprise! I caught on Spanish. Last fall (2015) I moved to Lisbon. I have been struggling to learn Portuguese for the past 12 months. Yes, STRUGGLING. My year of Portuguese language integration has not been like waltzing on roses. Despite my blonde hair and extremely northern character I am usually mistaken Spanish. Then, the conversation I started in Portuguese goes into Spanish and then I explain I'm from Finland and man... THEN it gets confusing. I reveal now, eu falo Portugues, sufficiently to have almost any kind of conversation..
Let's keep it short. I want to tell you about my life, then, now and future. Promise: I will try to keep it short folks! ...if anyone is reading. I am. own blog :D
Diverta-se! (have fun ... in Portuguese)

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