torstai 29. joulukuuta 2016

I am home

It is always a treat to come back to Finland. Time makes memories golden and all that. SLAP. SLAP. SLAPPETISLAP. Love my friends and the near and dear that stand close and support. The rest is like someone SLAPPED you with a leather glove in the face. Putting the trouble aside, blaming its normal  in Finland... (us Finns like to put trouble into a box, lock it and pretend it never happened.)

I am moving on to food. A true love hate relationship. Eating has been a full day job. Having Christmas Dinner (or lunch) is like swimming in a pool of food with your mouth open. In my case, the heap of food goes in but not out. I am an authentic Moomin. The best cure is to go out for a run. In the end you run for your dear life to get home on time. I even outran my super tall boyfriend with legs like a gazelle. Sometimes occasion makes you Usain Bolt or anyone else fast... hätä ei lue lakia etc..

The weather has been something between October and February, but certainly not December. On the 25th we decided to have one of our famous food melting (please come out I don't want to be like Moomin forever) jogs. It was 0 degrees, and so the water had frozen. It was like scating on the driveway and all the way to the grawel road ( hiekkatie). I must have looked like Olaf from Frozen...
Putting the swollen me aside. Has any woman (or man) ever had the trouble of butt freezing when running? I must have a good lot of wobbly for my butt to freeze during the jog... and it continued frozen throughout the afternoon and our museum visit with one of these nearest and dearest friends. Darn butt, please do not fall off.

Helsingin Kaupungin Museo ( Helsinki City Museum (I guess)) has got the coolest exhibition, it's about old Helsinki through photos, smell and VR glasses. Too awesome. Not even nerdy. And it is for free, gratis, no pay. Wooppidoo.

The time has come for the last journey of this Finland visit. It's time to visit Tampere and spend New Years at a "friend like a sister's" cottage. Best of all, meet her 6 month old son. This is going to be a "One to remember" New Years.

Ps. Last year we did not see the fireworks, we did not eat the grapes (Spanish style), we did spend it with friends but the afterparty sucked. I wandered in the bushes after rolling in backwards (classy lady) and passed out in the taxi. None of this this year. Promise.

Happy New Year Folks